Annual Giving Campaign

annual-givFamilies at all High Tech High schools are encouraged to donate to the Annual Fund for their school or program close to them. The year-long fundraising campaign (July 1-June 30 annually) raises funds through requests to families and friends of HTH schools; tax-deductible donations made to our schools, projects, or programs give teachers and school leaders flexibility to pivot and address needs which directly benefit students and teachers.

Learn more on the school’s support page.

There are many ways to support the schools directly:

  • DONATE NOW online (secure) The fundraising goal is $349 per student – ALL gifts of ALL sizes help reach this goal
  • MAIL a gift by check or credit card (address and forms below)
  • VOLUNTEER for in a classroom or another site-based event or activity; sign-up here.
  • ARRIVE at school on-time & schedule appointments on days there is no school (CA public school funding is based on attendance which means ~$35 a day is lost for each absence)
  • DONATE A VEHICLE You can donate that car or boat you haven’t used in a while to the school, team, or program of your choice. Call (855) 500-7433 to make your donation.
  • GIFTS OF STOCK are welcome. Please contact Christina Cassidy-Forbrich, Director of High Tech High Foundation for more information.

All High Tech High schools proudly honor being diverse, public, tuition-free schools and there is no obligation to give a donation of cash if it isn’t comfortable for your family.


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